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Your donation supports meaningful projects

Every donation to the Zurich Cancer League is a sign of solidarity with cancer victims. We transform your solidarity into concrete actions. Without donations, we couldn’t offer those affected an electrically adjustable bed so they can be looked after and cared for by family at home. Without donations there would be no personal advice on insurance and budget issues and no help with relief services. We are proud when you place your trust in us through your donation. We are doing our best to help those affected by cancer in the canton of Zurich and to continue fighting the disease.

Supporting the Zurich Cancer League means helping people with cancer.

We support people affected by cancer in the canton of Zurich and their relatives during illness and rehabilitation. We answer questions that are related to their illness and allow those affected to meet one another. We also fight for the optimal care and support of seriously ill and dying patients.

Supporting the Zurich Cancer League means preventing more people from getting cancer.

We know what we can do to help fight the causes of cancer, and we want to bring this knowledge to the population. We promote smoking prevention, we support a healthy lifestyle and encourage early detection, thus increasing the chances of recovery.

Supporting the Zurich Cancer League means working for a better future.

We support promising research projects by young researchers at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Your help makes it possible to improve the quality of life of those affected and to further reduce the number of cancer patients.

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Receiver: Krebsliga des Kantons Zürich, 8032 Zürich
PC: 80-868-5
IBAN: CH77 0900 0000 8000 0868 5

Become a member of the Zurich Cancer League

As a member of the Zurich Cancer League, you will be directly contributing the work of the Zurich Cancer League and supporting people with cancer and their relatives. At the annual general meeting, you can vote on upcoming business as well as contribute your ideas and wishes.

You are committed to:

› Professional and in-depth counselling and support for people affected by cancer and their relatives throughout the canton of Zurich

› Informing the public about cancer and undertaking targeted prevention work

› Financing selected research projects at the university of Zurich and ETH Zurich.


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Here is how it works:

Select the desired form of membership, fill in the registration form and submit it. You can also use the same form to make changes to an existing membership.

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Individual: Annual fee CHF 30.–

Couple: Annual fee CHF 50.–

Family: Annual fee CHF 50.–

Company: Annual subscription CHF 500.–

Individual life member: One-off contribution CHF 1000.–

Thank you for supporting our work.