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Your hub for cancer topics

The diagnosis of cancer is shocking. It changes the life of the person affected and also that of his or her relatives and friends. Each year around 42 500 new people are diagnosed with cancer in Switzerland. In the canton of Zurich alone, around 7500 men, women and children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The Zurich Cancer League is the contact point for those affected and for their relatives. It offers support and practical help. It fulfils the important task of providing personal advice and support to those affected and their relatives as well as psycho-oncological treatment of adults, adolescents and children.

What is the Zurich Cancer League?

The Zurich Cancer League is a non-profit organization with a business and counselling center and Center for Oncological Psychotherapy and Outpatient Oncological Rehabilitation in Zurich as well as the Turmhaus - Meeting and Information Center in Winterthur. Legally, the Zurich Cancer League is an association with around 4500 members. Our specialists fulfil important tasks in advising, supporting and accompanying cancer patients and their relatives. In addition, we inform the public about prevention and early detection and promote cancer research in the canton of Zurich.

In the canton of Zurich alone, 7500 people – men, women and children – are diagnosed with cancer each year. As a cancer hub, we are an important contact point for all non-medical issues related to cancer. We offer those affected, as well as people in their social or professional environment, time, space and advice to find answers and perspectives for the numerous challenges that they face due to cancer.

Our personal counselling and support team will work with you, as the affected person, to find specific solutions to any difficulties you are having or struggling with in your daily life with cancer. In our psycho-oncology practice, adults, teenagers and children receive empathetic support in dealing with the condition and its consequences. In addition, we offer numerous other services that strengthen and support affected people and help them to discover life-affirming resources. Through our targeted prevention projects, we are also raising public awareness and helping to reduce the number of people suffering from cancer.

The Zurich Cancer League is one of 18 cantonal and regional cancer leagues operating exclusively in the canton of Zurich. It is a member of the Swiss Cancer League umbrella organization.

Our business premises in Zurich are located on the first floor of the Hottingen Retirement Home (Altersheim Hottingen) at 71 Freiestrasse.


• By tram: Take tram line 3 to Hottingerplatz or Römerhof or tram line 8 to Englischviertelstrasse or Römerhof. The entrance is at 71 Freiestrasse.

• By car: There is a limited number of paid parking spaces on the grounds of the Hottingen Retirement Home (Alterszentrum Hottingen), or you can use the parking bays outside the property in the “blue zone”.

Client-friendly opening hours

In order to better serve the needs of people affected by cancer, the business and counselling center in Zurich is also open over lunch. We hope to give more people the opportunity to talk to us unannounced.

Monday–Friday 9am – 17pm